Selected Work In Progress

“Roads, development and deforestation” with D. Gollin

“Temperatures, Firm Size and Exports in Developing Countries” with C. Nedoncelle

“Institutions and Conservation: The Case of Protected Areas” with F. Bareille and M. Zavalloni.


Environmental Policies And Economic Development: Implications of Economic Geography
with S. Morgan and A. Pfaff
Annual Review of Resources Economics. 14. 2022

Is the agricultural sector cursed too? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
with E. Dorinet and P-A. Jouvet
World Development. 140, 105250. 2021

The dynamics of deforestation and reforestation in a developing economy
with G. Amacher, P. Delacote and A. Dragicevic
Environment and Development Economics. 1-22. 2021

What has driven deforestation in developing countries since the 2000s? Evidence from new remote-sensing data
with A. Leblois and O. Damette
World Development. 92-102. 2017

The economic analysis of the forest transition: A review
with E. Barbier and P. Delacote
Journal of Forest Economics. 27, 10-17. 2017

An empirical analysis of forest transition and land use change in developing countries
with P. Delacote and S. Garcia
Ecological Economics, 119, 241-251. 2015

Book chapters

IPBES: “Global assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services”. 2019. Contributing author – Chapter 2.1: “Status and trends – Drivers of change”.

“Forest Transition and REDD+ in developing countries: challenges for the coming century”
with G. Simonet
Climate Economics in progress. CDC Climat Université Paris-Dauphine. 2013

“L’agroforesterie, un gisement pour la croissance verte?”
with G. Simonet
Cahier du cercle des économistes. Chevalier et Trannoy Eds. 2012